July, 2020

7 Tips to Prevent Septic Tank Overload

Septic tank overload can cause plumbing issues or even break the system, however, there are things that your household can do to help prevent the septic tank from overloading. Having regular septic tank pumping from Honey-Wagon is a good start, but here are some other steps you can take to have a properly functioning septic system. What is Septic Tank Overload? Septic tank overload occurs when wastewater flows into the tank faster than its holding capacity. When a septic system overloads, solids...

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How to Take Care of a Septic System

Taking appropriate care of a septic system will ensure your home has effective, long-term treatment for wastewater. While it’s an important responsibility, septic system maintenance isn’t that complicated as long as you follow these eight tips. 8 Tips for Septic System Maintenance Septic systems are designed to function efficiently, but they need the right care to do so. If neglected, septic system problems are bound to arise which can require expensive repairs. Prevent an emergency ...

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