Septic Maintenance in Kansas City

Did You Know Septic Tanks Must Be Pumped Every 3 to 4 Years (for a family of 4, 4-5 years if only 2 are living in the house) for Optimal Performance?

Honey-Wagon is here for all your septic maintenance needs to ensure a healthy system you can count on. Since 1986, our Kansas City septic company has been providing tank pumping and cleaning services for homes, businesses, schools, churches, and other facilities.

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Keep Your Septic System Healthy

Your septic system must function at its best at all times. A failure doesn’t just disrupt your household — it potentially affects the health of your family, neighbors, or the ecosystem of nearby streams. That's where we come in. Honey-Wagon is a top-rated septic maintenance company that serves in and around the Kansas City Metro area.

We’re fully equipped and prepared to apply industry expertise to keep your septic system in ideal working conditions, protecting your home and those around. Download our free comprehensive guide to learn more about septic tank systems.

Septic Maintenance Products

Honey-Wagon also offers products to maintain your septic system in between pumping services. Our products contain beneficial bacteria to promote the breakdown of waste in your septic tank so your system continues to perform optimally.


A powerful bacteria product we sell is Honey-Zyme, which is a granulated formula that helps break down paper, waste, hair, and oils. Honey-Zyme is simple to use, just drop the pre-measured dissolvable packet of enzyme into the toilet and flush.

Another popular product we offer is Endure, which is a derivative of a product that has been used to clean up oil spills in the ocean. It works particularly well on oils and fats from soaps, cosmetics, and cooking grease. All you need to do is flush the product down the toilets and add it to drains.

We’re happy to deliver or mail your products to make your septic maintenance routine even easier. Reach out to Honey-Wagon today to place an order!