Grease Trap Cleaning in Kansas City

Honey-Wagon technicians can professionally and dependably pump inside and outside grease traps for:

· Restaurants

· Public schools

· Daycare centers

· Commercial buildings

· Churches

· Country clubs

· And more…


Grease traps are important to keep clean and functioning, especially if you run a restaurant or another business that requires heavy use of a kitchen. It contains animal fats and vegetable oils that are dispensed in kitchen wastewater that flows through your plumbing system before they reach sanitary sewer lines. If they build up too much, your lines can become clogged and back up – causing unsightly backup and a foul odor.


Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance


Routine grease trap cleaning and maintenance of grease traps helps to ensure that your system works efficiently, and prevents costly repairs and backups. It’s also crucial to be up-to-code when the health department visits, as a backup could result in a restaurant being shut down due to the public health being threatened.


Honey-Wagon’s grease trap cleaning service thoroughly pumps your grease trap, eliminating odor and any safety issues associated with poorly maintained equipment. While some services just skim the trap, Honey-Wagon technicians clean the entire unit and scrape away hardened grease.


A professionally and thoroughly cleaned grease trap means you’ll need to clean it less often.

We will also work with you to make sure that our work is completed before your establishment begins serving meals, to avoid foul odors around your patrons.

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Grease Trap Cleaning Records


If your facility is required to pump on a recurring schedule due to state, county or city regulations, we keep record of the date pumped and contact you before your next scheduled pumping is needed. No guess work on your part!

You can rest assured that your grease trap will be pumped at the time required.


Grease Trap Inspections


In Johnson County, KS, Honey-Wagon does grease trap inspections at the time of pumping, as mandated by the county. The completed inspection form is emailed to the county by the next week.


Grease Disposal


Honey-Wagon disposes of your grease trap waste at licensed processing facilities - approved by the state and county.

We live our Mission Statement to protect the environment. Every job is done right from start to finish to protect you as well as the environment from health and safety risks.


Additional Maintenance Products


Bacteria products are available and recommended for traps that have heavy use and frequent clogs.


The products that we recommend are either Honey-Zyme in block form added for gradual dissolving and action, or Endure in liquid form that is added directly to the trap or plumbing.

Either product can be ordered by calling our office.