5 Benefits of Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

Thursday, August 15, 2019
Grease trap cleaning
Regular grease trap cleaning is crucial for a well-running kitchen, but when neglected, it can cause serious issues. It’s particularly important if you operate a restaurant or business with a kitchen, and it may even be required due to state, county, or city regulations. Grease traps intercept most greases and solids that are dispensed in kitchen wastewater before they enter a wastewater disposal system that flows through the plumbing system before reaching sanitary sewer lines. When there’s too much build-up, the lines become clogged, causing unsightly backup and a foul odor.
Avoid smelly, costly, and potentially dangerous situations by having your grease trap regularly cleaned. Below are five benefits of grease trap cleaning, an essential of restaurant kitchen maintenance and performance.

1. Prevents clogging.

Clean grease traps prevent clogs and backup. When too much fat, oil, and grease (commonly known as “FOG” in the industry) accumulates in grease traps, they can clog up. Not only does a clogged trap have reduced functionality, but it can also cause the system to back up which is a serious health hazard.

2. Costs less than repairs.

Grease trap systems are generally cheaper to maintain than repair. When grease traps are neglected and get clogged up, a malfunction is waiting to happen. For example, an emergency repair that halts business operations for a time will likely be more expensive than regular cleaning and maintenance.

3. Better for the environment.

When grease traps overflow, they lose their ability to capture more grease, causing some of it to escape outside into major waterways or in-ground drainage fields. Not only is this harmful to the local environment and a health hazard, but you can also receive a citation or hefty fine.

4. Helps kitchens smell nicer.

Imagine all the gunk that ends up in a grease trap. If left uncleaned, it’s going to give off a foul odor, which is unpleasant for employees and a health hazard. Regular grease trap cleaning can prevent gas and noxious odor build-up for a nicer smelling and safer kitchen.

5. Keeps your kitchen running.

FOG backups are one of the most common problems of grease trap systems. As the interceptor becomes too full, the FOG will begin to go back up the drain, causing messes that are expensive to clean up and require you to close your doors for clean up and repairs.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance Services

How often your grease trap needs cleaning depends on several things - the building’s size, the food you serve, how much business you do, and how much the trap can hold. Honey-Wagon offers grease trap cleaning, disposal, and inspection services for restaurants, public schools, daycare centers, commercial buildings, and more. Protect your wallet and the environment with grease trap cleaning and maintenance services.
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Honey-Wagon 8/15/2019