5 Tips to Improve Your Septic Tank Health

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
We get many calls to come out to pump septic tanks that people think are full, when really they are struggling with clogged drains. Septic tanks only need to be emptied every 3-5 years. However, many of the reasons that drains become clogged can also negatively impact your septic system.
Here are a few of the best tips for avoiding clogged drains and saving you from potential septic system repairs: 

Bathroom Drain Clogs 

1. Regularly Remove and Clean Stoppers
One of the leading causes of bathroom clogs is a build up of dirt, skin, and hair. Soap causes these to build up and harden, acting as a stopper and impeding the flow of water.
If your household shed a lot of hair, be sure to buy a heavy-duty drain stop that is designed to catch all of the hair before it goes into the drains.
2. Don’t Flush Non-Flushable Products
Non-flushable products can include cotton swaps, feminine hygiene products, floss, and Q-tips – however, the main culprit is “flushable wipes”. Even though these claim to be flushable, they are not water soluble – making them bad for your drains and septic tank.

Kitchen Sink Drain Clogs

3. Don’t Dump Your Grease
Grease is inevitable, but rinsing it down your sink doesn’t have to be. Grease and oil clings onto drain walls and little by little builds up and combines with food and soap until it hardens into a clog.
4. Not Everything Can Go Down the Garbage Disposal
While almost everything can go down, it doesn’t mean it should. Foods that are heavy, starchy, or hard can cause issues for septic tanks. For the sake of your septic system, throw large food scraps into the garbage instead of your sink.

Laundry Room Drain Clogs

5. Install a Washing Machine Lint Filter
Lint, hair, dirt, and bits of fabric are drained out of the tub after every wash. Eventually, this can clog your drain.
A simpler solution than moving the heavy washer out of the way for repairs is installing an affordable lint filter, purchasable online or at your local hardware store.

Prevent Clogged Drains and Septic System Failure

With these tips, you should be able to better prevent drain clogs throughout your home.
If your sinks, drains or toilets start to drain slowly or gurgle, contact your local plumber as soon as possible to see if a clogged drain could be the issue. After all, a cleaning service costs significantly less than a repair or pipe replacement.
Avoiding clogged drains with standard good practices cuts down on repair costs and keeps your septic system happy. In the event that it really is time to empty your septic tank, give us a call today at 913-681-3563 to schedule an appointment for our Kansas office or 816-525-5100 for our Missouri office.
Staff 9/14/2022