How to Prevent Grease Traps From Clogging

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Grease traps are essential for industrial kitchens since they remove oils, grease, and sludge from the wastewater before it enters the wastewater disposal system, flows into the plumbing system, and reaches the sanitary sewer lines. Regular maintenance service ensures grease traps will function properly as well as prevent potential fines or even criminal liability. One part of grease trap maintenance is preventing clogs that result from a line blockage. This tends to happen more during winter because the grease turns solid. See the signs of a clogged grease trap and how you can help prevent clogging.

Signs of a Clogged Grease Trap

When grease traps are dirty, they’re more likely to clog and backup. Too much fat, oil, and grease (commonly known as “FOG” in the industry) in grease traps can clog and reduce functionality as well as pose a serious health hazard.

  • Slow drainage: A clogged grease trap will make the water drain more slowly until it’s been cleaned out.

  • Backup: Grease trap backup not only is unsightly, but it’s also a sanitary hazard.

  • Foul smells: Oils, grease, sludge, and solid food waste that sits around will develop a bad odor.

If you notice any of these signs, make sure to contact your plumber as soon as possible before the situation worsens. However, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements by preventing clogs from happening in the first place.

Clog Prevention Tips for Grease Traps

Taking preventative steps costs much less than a repair or pipe replacement. Here are some ways you can prevent grease traps from clogging:

  • Decrease how much grease, fat, or oil goes down the drain

  • Keep solid food and other materials out

  • Respond quickly to warning signs

  • Regularly clean grease traps

How often you should clean a grease trap will depend on different factors like the building’s size, food type, the volume of food preparation, and the trap’s capacity.

Prevent Clogs with Grease Trap Cleaning

Keep your kitchen running smoothly by partnering with a trusted grease trap cleaning company. Honey-Wagon offers everything your business, school, or restaurant needs to take proper care of grease traps like cleaning, disposal, and inspection services. Get an estimate below or call us today to schedule a grease trap cleaning appointment at 913-681-3563 for our Kansas office or 816-525-5100 for our Missouri office.

Staff 2/1/2020