Preparing Your Septic System for Fall

Thursday, October 21, 2021
Cooler temps, leaves changing colors, football — there are a lot of reasons to love fall! Before you get busy enjoying the season, it’s important to prepare your septic system for fall to prevent issues like drain backup, a line break, slow flushing, and more. Follow these easy maintenance tips so you can sit back and relax knowing that your system is all set for the season.

Fall Septic Maintenance Tips

When you take care of your septic system, it will take care of you. Septic maintenance should be performed year-round to avoid disruptions to your home and expensive repairs. Here are some things you should do at the beginning of fall to best maintain your septic system.

1. Clean up leaves and debris

Clear the area around the septic system of leaves, twigs, and branches in case you need to get your system serviced for any reason. Natural debris can also causes major issues if it enters your septic tank during a maintenance or repair visit, potentially damaging your septic’s pumps and aerator.

2. Insulate your system

Protect your septic system with extra insulation by growing out your grass more than usual over fall. Another option is to lay mulch over the septic system area for added insulation during the cold months.

3. Pump out the septic tank

Schedule septic tank pumping in fall while the weather is still comfortable. Although it’s possible to have your system serviced in winter, it’s easier to pump the tank when the ground isn’t frozen or there isn’t any snow.

4. Inspect your home

Carefully check your home for leaks and drips as these small trickles of water freeze easily when winter rolls around. Fix any leaks in fall so you don’t end up with a totally frozen pipe when the weather turns frigid.

5. Use water wisely

Avoid overloading your septic tank by being mindful of how much water your household consumes. There are a variety of ways to use water more efficiently like taking shorter showers, fixing leaky faucets, and not washing your laundry all in one day.

Take Care of Your Septic System

The beginning of fall is the perfect time to prepare your septic system for the coming cold weather while it’s still pleasant enough outside to do so. Winter is only several months away, which is why you should make sure your system is ready now rather than later. After all, one of the last things you’ll want to deal with during winter is a frozen pipe or system issue!
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Staff 10/21/2021