Septic Maintenance Tip: Never Flush These 6 Things

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

When a toilet starts to flush slowly, bubble, or can’t flush at all, it can be a warning sign that there’s a problem with the septic system. However, pumping the septic tank when it gets full and following basic flushing etiquette can help prevent flushing issues. Avoid a clogged toilet and septic tank problems by never flushing these six things.

1. Dental floss

It’s great that you’re taking care of your dental health by flossing but you’re not doing your toilet any favor by flushing a stringy, non-biodegradable material. Although dental floss is thin, it can still accumulate and make a small clog bigger.

2. Tissues and paper towels

Although facial tissue is soft like toilet paper, they’re designed to stay intact when wet and not dissolve. Always discard them in the trash bin, not the toilet. Paper towels too should never be flushed if you want to prevent a clog and septic system problems.

3. Cotton balls and ear swabs

Throw away cotton balls and ear swabs in the trash because they’re difficult to break down in drains and septic tanks which can create a clog. Again, just because something is small and can be flushed, it doesn’t mean that it should be.

4. Hair

Hair can stop up toilets as well as sink and shower drains. Don’t flush hair down the toilet or let it go down drains because it can clog those up too.

5. Menstrual products

Tampons and pads are designed to absorb moisture and expand when wet. Even if the product is labeled as “flushable,” you still shouldn’t flush it.

6. Medications

Since medication dissolves in the body, it should be able to dissolve in the septic system, right? Well, that’s part of the problem. When you flush medication, it can have toxic effects on the groundwater.

Fix or Prevent Septic System Problems

Basically, don’t use the toilet as a trash can and you’ll be much less likely to develop a clog. Remind everyone in your household that toilets should only be used for its designed purpose. If septic tank problems do arise, Honey-Wagon is ready to help. If you need septic tank maintenance services in the Kansas City area, we’ve got all of your needs covered. Honey-Wagon offers septic inspections, routine maintenance, and tank pumping to keep your septic system running smoothly.

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Staff 2/18/2020