Septic Maintenance: Why You Should Investigate Sewage Odors

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Part of septic maintenance is always being on the lookout for issues which is why you should investigate septic odors as soon as they arise. Smelly septic tanks can push a foul smell into your house. The stench isn’t just unpleasant, it can indicate a bigger problem that may result in dangerous water contamination.
Discover the causes behind septic odors in homes with septic systems and easy maintenance tips to help prevent a costly and hazardous emergency.

3 Causes of Sewage Odors

Just because you have a septic system doesn’t mean that sewage odors are to be expected. In fact, a properly functioning system shouldn’t make your sink or water smell bad at all. If you start smelling a septic odor, there are three possible scenarios of why that’s happening.

1. Full Tank

When a septic tank gets too full, it can push the wastewater to the drainfield and clog it up. This inhibits the drainfield from filtering properly, thereby allowing contaminants to pass through. It’s why you may smell a strong sewage odor whenever you’re close to the drainfield.

2. Clogs

Clogs can occur due to hair, soap, food, and other matter that accumulate in sink drains and pipes. This can cause an unpleasant smell similar to rotten eggs. Slow drainage is a sign of a clog either due to a plumbing or septic system issue.

3. Blocked Vents 

Sewage gas builds up if the septic system’s vent is covered or malfunctions, creating a toxic and flammable environment. Avoid using a septic tank odor neutralizer as it’ll only mask the issue and won’t fix the root of the problem.
Fortunately, these issues can be prevented by learning how to take care of your septic system and working with an experienced septic company like Honey-Wagon.

Water Contamination Dangers

An overloaded septic tank not only causes sewage odors, but it can also contaminate well water and nearby ponds or lakes. Wastewater contains all sorts of bacteria and viruses, as well as nitrogen and phosphorous which can seriously harm the environment.
If sewage escapes from the septic tank and reaches local water bodies, toxic algal blooms can occur. Adhering to a septic tank pumping schedule significantly reduces this threat, however, you should still regularly test well water to ensure it’s safe.

Easy Septic Maintenance Tips

Prevention is essential when it comes to maintaining your septic system. Here are four things your household should do to ensure a properly functioning system:
  • Inspect and pump regularly
  • Use water efficiently
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Maintain your drainfield
By following these easy maintenance tips, you’ll be better able to prevent unpleasant sewage odors and hazardous situations like water contamination.

Prevent Issues with Septic Services

Foul smells can be a sign of a more serious issue that can become a costly and dangerous emergency if ignored. That’s why investigating sewage odors as soon as they occur is essential for septic maintenance, both for your wallet and health. Honey-Wagon is a family-owned business that helps customers prevent septic issues with pumping and inspection services in the Kansas City area.
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Staff 9/9/2020