Septic Tank Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


If not fixed immediately, septic tank problems can become a costly and dangerous septic system failure since untreated wastewater poses a health and environmental hazard. When untreated wastewater enters the groundwater, your well and those of your neighbors can be contaminated. If the sewage reaches surrounding water bodies, they’ll also be contaminated which puts humans and animals at risk. Watch out for these seven warning signs so you can identify and fix septic tank problems before you have an emergency on your hands.

1. Gurgling sounds from pipes

Hearing gurgling sounds in pipes after you flush the toilet or run the water may indicate that the tank is full and needs pumping or there are possibly other problems.

2. Sinks/tubs drain slowly

The water drains slowly in the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, and/or bathtub which can be due to an issue with the house’s plumbing or the septic system.

3. Trouble flushing

A toilet that flushes slowly, bubbles when it flushes, or can’t flush at all can be a sign that there’s something wrong with the septic system. Pumping the septic tank when it gets full can help prevent flushing issues but if there’s a clog in the pipes, a plumber would be needed.

4. Sulfuric, foul smell

A rotten-egg smell coming from your pipes can actually be the smell of toxic sulfur. If the foul odor increases when you walk outside by the septic tank, it’s very probable that raw sewage has escaped.

5. Drains are backing up

Backed up drains not only are annoying, but they’re also a sign there might be something wrong with your septic system. Sewage backup, in particular, is worrisome because exposure to untreated wastewater is a serious health hazard which is why a septic company should be called immediately.

6. Greener grass around drain field

If the grass around the septic drain field grows greener or faster than the rest of the lawn, it can signal that sewage is escaping and fertilizing the grass. Escaped sewage is a septic tank problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

7. Puddles of standing water

Keep an eye out for standing water or damp spots around the septic tank or drain field as they can indicate that the septic system is wearing out. Wet spots are primarily caused by the excessive buildup of septic waste in the tank which affects the flow of water and pushes it up.

Maintenance and Repair Septic Tank Services

When any of these warning signs appear, contact a septic company to help prevent your septic tank problems from worsening. Honey-Wagon is a septic maintenance company that services Miami, Wyandotte, and Johnson counties in Kansas as well as Jackson and Cass in Missouri. Our septic tank experts are able to check septic systems, maintain and pump septic tanks, and perform routine maintenance to keep septic tank problems from happening. Contact us for more information on our septic tank services to protect your home from an expensive, hazardous emergency.

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Staff 12/18/2019