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Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Septic tank pumping is a professional service that removes waste from your home’s septic system. Regularly pumping out your septic tank helps prevent various problems, such as sewage backup, foul odors, clogs, and leaks.
If you're unfamiliar with the septic tank pumping process, no problem! Just review the steps below to be prepared for your next service.

1. Access Lid is Opened

Before any work can begin, your technician will need to uncover your septic tank access lid. If your system was installed before the 1980s, it likely has two separate compartments — one for sewage and another for rainwater runoff. Both lids will need to come off.
Next, your technician will open up the lids to your tanks. Depending on how old your system is, you might find that your lid needs replacing.

2. Septic Tank is Pumped Out

With a powerful hose connected to our vacuum truck, nearly everything from your tank gets sucked into our truck. Even though the suction is usually strong enough to remove all waste, it’s possible for some sludge and solids to remain behind.

3. The Tank is Washed Out

After the tank is pumped out, your service provider will use water to flush out the inside of your tank to get rid of as much of the leftover debris as possible.

4. Final Inspections

Once the tank is pumped and cleaned out, your technician will inspect the inside and outside of the tank for any signs of roots or damage.

5. The Access Lid is Closed and Reburied

After the inspection, the access lid will be closed and the tank covered back up. Most often, septic tanks are installed six to 12 inches underground. If your tank is deeper, your technician may install risers for easier access and maintenance.

What to Look for in Septic Tank Pumping Company

Now that you have a better understanding of the pumping process, the next thing you’ll need is to hire a professional to do the service for you. Here are some essential considerations to help you choose the right septic tank pumping company:


The best way to find out how well a company does its work is to ask around and look online for recommendations. Ask neighbors, friends, and family if they know any good companies that do septic tank pumping.


Research businesses that have been doing septic services for years and have positive reviews and testimonials. Signs of reputable companies include always providing quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Licensed and Insured

Only work with a septic company that's fully licensed to operate in your state. Also, check that the business has general liability and worker’s comp insurance to protect you from being held liable for an incident.

Customer Service

Research what the company’s customer service is like. A company with high service standards will treat customers with respect and courtesy, as well as answer questions clearly and honestly.

Transparent Pricing

Always get a written estimate before signing a contract. Make sure you understand everything that the price includes, like parts and labor.

Pump Your Septic Tank for a Healthy System

A key component of septic maintenance is pumping out your tank to ensure it has enough capacity to handle wastewater loads and run optimally. That's why understanding the septic tank pumping process and how to find the right service provider can make a big difference in the health of your septic system.
Schedule your septic tank pumping estimate with Honey-Wagon! We’re a family-owned septic tank and maintenance company in Kansas City with over 35 years of experience.
Staff 11/1/2022