Summer Septic Maintenance Reminders for Kansas City Homes

Friday, July 15, 2022
With the warmer weather and longer days, you may be inclined to kick back and relax. Before you do, make sure that taking care of your septic system doesn’t fall by the wayside, since this season can bring some issues if you aren’t careful. Here are some summer septic maintenance tips so that your days are stress-free.

Watch Your Drainfield

Your drainfield can be impacted by stress from heavy rainfall, causing water to pool or grass to become too spongy. In order to remove impurities and contaminants from wastewater, your drainfield can’t be overloaded by rainwater. If your gutters are draining rainwater into the drainfield, divert them away so the soil doesn’t become oversaturated.

Pump Your Septic Tank

Is it time to pump out your septic tank? Most homeowners can go three to five years between pump outs, but you may need more often if you have a smaller tank or more people in your household. In order to avoid overloading or capacity issues, schedule an appointment to get your system pumped. This way, wastewater won’t flow faster than your septic tank can handle and can adequately break down any solids.

Clear Your Yard

With the rainy season, dirt and debris will inevitably be present. Keeping your yard clean is a good practice since leaves and other items can affect the drainfield. A clean area helps the natural filtering ability of your drainfield to treat wastewater, so keeping this space waste-free is helpful in the long run.

Check Your Effluent Filter

Your effluent filter may need cleaning or replacing altogether. This ensures your septic tank can perform to its utmost ability and catch non-degradable materials before they go into your drainfield. Thankfully, your effluent filter only needs changing every so often, but checking it on a regular basis is wise.

Add Beneficial Bacteria

With all the antibacterial products we use nowadays, it’s important to add beneficial bacteria to your septic system to keep it properly functioning. We offer Honey-Zyme and Endure bacteria products, which are great for breaking down fats, oils, cosmetics, soaps, and skincare products. Contact us to place your order today!

Be Mindful of Water Usage

Whether you’re taking more showers or having more guests, you should be mindful of your water consumption in the summer. Using too much water in a short time period can overload your septic tank, so something to remember during this season is where all that water is going. Spread out your laundry loads or even consider shortening your showers to help lighten the burden on your septic tank.

Confidently Maintain Your Septic System

Your summer should be a time for relaxation and vacation, not worrying about your septic tank and any problems it could cause. Following these tips will not only provide you with peace of mind during this busy season, but it also helps to ensure your septic system is running as smoothly as possible for future seasons.
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Staff 7/15/2022