When is the Best Time to Get Septic Tank Pumping?

Wednesday, September 6, 2023
technician pumping septic tank in early fallKeeping your septic tank free of sludge and buildup is essential to having a working system. That’s why Honey Wagon recommends periodic pumping to keep your septic system running more efficiently.
So, what are the best times of the year to get your septic tank pumped in Kansas City? Let’s look at which season may best suit your needs and when to plan for this service.

Best Seasons for Septic Pumping

Spring is the most popular time to pump septic systems since the warmer weather thaws the ground for easier maintenance. Pumping out your tank in the spring can also prepare the system for the rainy season while emptying it from the winter snowfall. And it’s easy for homeowners to remember to book their appointment since they’re spring cleaning the rest of their homes.
Another good season to schedule your septic tank pumping is fall. Since winter can often bring cold weather and more time indoors, you should prepare early and ensure no issues arise before it’s too late. Less popular seasons are summer and winter due to their extreme temperatures.
Summer can often be too warm for pumping, but in some regions, a routine pumping can be performed if your tank is full and can’t wait until fall. For winter, however, factors like a frozen system or ground, ice, and snow can make the process more difficult. Plus, winter often brings more visitors to your home with the holidays, which can mean much higher usage that can fill your septic tank.

Other Septic Pumping Considerations

There are various factors to consider when scheduling your septic pumping. Most households can have this performed every 3-4 years, but families with more occupants or smaller tank sizes may need to have this service performed more frequently.
Any heavy use of your septic system can have it filling up more quickly, so consider an annual pumping to reduce any issues in the future or buildup.

Maintaining Your Septic System

To keep your septic tank running smoothly, we recommend having it inspected and pumped on a schedule. An inspection ensures everything is as it should be, and pumping keeps it free and clear to run efficiently for all seasons.
You should also be sure you’re not putting any harmful chemicals or materials into your sinks, toilets, and drains. Keep your drain field clear of plants, trees, and even parked cars. Use your water more efficiently, and consider buying a high-efficiency toilet or reducing your laundry loads.
It’s vital to prioritize septic maintenance to reduce the likelihood of your household encountering any unexpected issues or problems with your system.

Schedule Your Septic Pumping Today

Keeping your septic system healthy with periodic pumping can ensure longer, more efficient use while saving you money in the long run. When following a maintenance routine, make sure to consider the best times in the year for a septic pumping to run into fewer issues.
If your tank is due for a pump out, our Kansas City septic pros are ready to help you. Get a free estimate!
Staff 9/6/2023