Fall Septic Maintenance Routine

Thursday, September 8, 2022
With summer ending, cooler fall weather brings its own set of perks and challenges. Maintaining your septic system for this new season is important, especially as the days eventually lead to the icy temperatures of winter. Here’s everything you need to know about having a septic maintenance routine for autumn.

Importance of Septic Maintenance

Before we discuss which tasks you should do this fall, let’s dive into the importance of septic maintenance and how this routine can save you trouble or issues down the line.

Proper-Functioning System

Regular care of your septic tank helps to ensure you’ll have a properly functioning system. You want your system to be working for you, in the right way. So why not make a checklist of steps each season to make sure it’s in tip-top shape?

Preventing Problems

Just like you go to the doctor for check-ups to make sure your health is in order, a regular check-up for your septic system allows you a chance to notice any areas of damage or disrepair before they become too troublesome. Prevention is often as simple as checking your home for septic problems like gurgling pipe sounds, foul odors, and more.

Peace of Mind

There’s never a good time for a septic emergency. By checking and maintaining your system regularly, you’re offering yourself peace of mind of no sudden crises. It’s much easier to fix smaller problems and maintain your septic system along the way than by allowing a buildup to cause much larger damage at once.

Essential Septic Maintenance Tasks for Fall

Now that we know more about what septic maintenance can do for you, here are the simple steps to get your autumn off on the right foot.

Pump Out Your Septic Tank

Don’t put this important task off, since fall weather is much more accommodating for septic tank pumping than winter is. Call an experienced and trustworthy septic company to get your tank pumped before the conditions get too frigid, so early to mid-fall is best.

Inspect Around Your Tank

Periodic inspection of the drainfield area is a smart choice, but especially take a look at your septic lid during fall. If there are any areas of damage where water can leak through, replacing your lid will save you hassle in the long run. With cold weather, these cracks that allow water can freeze and overwork your system.

Insulate Your Septic System

Protecting your septic tank from frozen conditions is best started in the fall. This can be done by growing your grass or laying mulch that covers the area. Winter conditions can cause this area to freeze if it’s not well insulated.

Be Mindful of Holiday Septic Usage

With the holidays coming up, you’ll likely have some visitors, meaning your septic system will be used much more. Let guests know of things they shouldn’t flush or put in the garbage disposal. In addition, avoid overloading your septic tank!

Schedule Your Fall Septic Maintenance Service

Preparing for cooler weather is essential for septic care. Once you’ve handled the maintenance for the season, you can rest easier knowing any potential issues will be spotted ahead of time. If you live in the Kansas City area, Honey-Wagon is here to help get your septic system ready for fall and winter.  
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Staff 9/8/2022