Septic System Care: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Thursday, March 2, 2023
Some people often don’t know the damage they’re doing to their septic system until it’s too late, and they have a costly breakdown, repair, or replacement. Thankfully, there are everyday things you can do to avoid septic issues. Check out these common mistakes in septic system care, and how you can easily avoid them.

Benefits of Septic System Care

Maintaining your septic system comes with many benefits, and it’s much more effective (and less expensive) to do regular upkeep than letting it fall into disrepair. Here’s how caring for your septic tank helps in the long run:
  • Saves time and money down the line
  • Protects your property value
  • Keeps your home, water, and land clean
  • Prevents backed-up drains and slow flushing
  • No foul or off-putting odors
Regular preventive maintenance is crucial, especially for older systems. To reap these benefits, make sure to work with qualified maintenance professionals to ensure your septic system is reliable and continues operating properly for many years to come.

Septic Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

So, how can you focus on maintenance that prevents headaches in the future? Let’s take a look at what mistakes you should avoid to ensure the best care for your septic system.

Not Having a Maintenance Routine

Making sure that you properly care for your septic system involves a regular routine. Whether you check every season or just periodically throughout the year, it’s important to add it to your to-do list so that nothing builds up over time. Find a general time or occasion that works for your schedule to maintain your septic tank regularly.

Not Keeping Up with Pumpouts

Just like having a regular maintenance routine, you should also schedule pump outs on a recurring basis. Typically, septic tank pumping is recommended every three to five years, but you may need it less or more often depending on your tank size and the number of home occupants.
Don’t let this important maintenance task slip by! Inspect your system at least once a year and pay attention to signs like foul odors, drain backup, and slow flushing so you don’t overlook a much-needed pump out.

Planting Over or Near the System

Roots can cause serious harm to your septic system, so be absolutely positive nothing you plant will come near it. One way to keep plants away from the septic tank and drainfield is by potting them above ground in containers or other flower beds. This way, you get your greenery without fear of damage.

Flushing Harmful Items

Toilet paper and human waste are the only things that should be flushed down the toilet, but also consider what’s going down all of your drains. Avoid putting food, grease, oils, fats, hair, and personal care items (e.g. dental floss, baby wipes) down your drains as they can clog pipes. Additionally, dispose of waste in the trash and consider composting your food debris.

Too Many Harsh Chemicals Entering the Tank

Detergents with harsh chemicals kill the beneficial bacteria in your tank, which are necessary for the breakdown process. You can try limiting usage or switching to gentler cleaning products. Another great option is using septic maintenance products like Honey-Zome and Endure, which can help replenish these enzymes to promote the breakdown of waste and improve function.

Driving or Building on the Drainfield

Ruining the drain field by driving or building on it can affect your septic tank. Keep this area clear, so the drainfield is doing its job, and perhaps even add signage that deters people from this spot. Your drainfield’s upkeep is just as crucial in septic system care.

Neglecting Your Garbage Disposal

To prevent build-up or clogs, it's important to remember that not all food should go down a garbage disposal. Bones, onions, celery stalks, potato peels, and other fibrous materials can hurt your system over time if not disposed of properly!
It’s always best practice for garbage disposal maintenance to toss any bits of food in the trash when cleaning dishes, so they don’t end up down the drain.

Partner with Top-Rated Septic Experts

Septic experts are there to ensure your system is receiving the proper care and maintenance. While there’s plenty you can do on your own, like being mindful of what you flush, septic professionals will provide expertise on maintenance, pump outs, and tank cleaning.
Let the septic experts at Honey Wagon help you take care of your system. Contact us today for a free estimate of septic services in Kansas City.
Staff 3/2/2023