Septic Tank Care for the Summer

Thursday, June 3, 2021
As we welcome the long, warm days of summer, it’s important that homeowners do some septic tank care to prepare for the season. Nobody wants to deal with a septic emergency when there’s fun and relaxation to be had! Enjoy your summer by following these simple maintenance tips to help keep your septic tank clean.

Summer Septic Tank Maintenance

With these septic tank tips, you’ll be in a great position to avoid costly repairs and disruptions to your home during the summer.

1. Get Your Septic Tank Pumped

If your septic tank is due for pumping, now is a perfect time to schedule an appointment with Honey Wagon to avoid issues, like septic tank overload. This happens when wastewater flows into the tank faster than its holding capacity. The solids are unable to adequately settle and bacterial activity is limited, limiting the breaking down of solids.

2. Clean or Replace Your Effluent Filter

Effluent filters assist in catching non-degradable materials before they go into your drainfield. They need to be cleaned or replaced every so often to keep your septic system performing optimally.

3. Watch for Drainfield Stress

During times of heavy summer rain, it’s crucial to watch for signs of drainfield stress like pools of water or spongy green grass. The drainfield is very important in removing contaminants and impurities from wastewater. Make sure that your gutters aren’t flooding the drainfield, which can send untreated sewage into the groundwater and nearby bodies of water.

4. Tidy Up Your Yard

Take a summer morning or afternoon to tidy up your yard and clear away any debris surrounding the septic system. Debris in your yard can cause water to pool, which disrupts the natural filtering ability of your drainfield to treat wastewater.

5. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

Septic tanks need beneficial bacteria to break down solids, but harsh cleaners can kill these little guys. We recommend avoiding heavy-duty cleaners altogether or using them as little as possible. There are many natural and septic-safe cleaning products that you can use instead.

6. Be Mindful of Water Consumption

With kids out of school, your family might be at home more which means higher water consumption. Make sure your household is mindful of water usage to avoid septic tank overload. You can do this by spreading laundry loads throughout the week, taking shorter showers, and installing energy-efficient toilets and washing machines.

7. Don’t Pour Grease Down Drains

Summer cookouts are a blast! But clogged drains...not so much. That’s why you should never pour grease, fats, or oils down the drain or garbage disposal because after they cool down, they can form into a clog. Treat your drains right by disposing of these substances in a garbage bin.

Get Your Septic Tank Ready for Summer

By following our summer care tips, you’re much less likely to experience septic tank problems like backed-up drains, toilets, and showers. Avoid disruption to your life with septic tank pumping and maintenance services to get your system ready for summer. (Check out more septic care blog posts to keep your system happy all year long.)
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Staff 6/3/2021