What is Lagoon Maintenance? (And Why You Need It)

Friday, December 16, 2022
Septic lagoon systems are similar to septic tanks in that they’re both designed specifically for treating wastewater. However, lagoon maintenance is different from tank maintenance in several ways. See what’s involved with taking care of your lagoon and why regular septic maintenance is essential.

Septic Lagoon System Overview

Both lagoons and tank systems use a tank to hold wastewater, but where they differ is where that water goes after. With lagoon systems, the wastewater flows into a lagoon or pond, rather than a drainfield like in conventional tank systems.
Lagoons can have a synthetic liner or clay to prevent wastewater from contaminating groundwater underneath. It also uses a combination of chemical, biological, and mechanical systems to treat wastewater.

Benefits of Lagoon Systems

Lagoons are a very effective way to treat wastewater. This is because the sun and wind play a large part in a lagoon’s operation, providing light, oxygen, warmth, and necessary bacteria growth to support the breakdown process.
For many areas unconnected to a wastewater treatment facility, like rural neighborhoods, a lagoon is a great alternative and can last many decades. Like any septic system, it will require regular maintenance to keep it up and running. Let’s take a look at how this process is accomplished.

Maintaining Your Septic Lagoon

It’s essential to keep your lagoon well-maintained. Certain issues can arise from sludge and organic materials clogging it, such as overflow, bad smell, and still patches in the water. Thankfully, regular maintenance is simple and straightforward.
While lagoons require a bit more maintenance than a drainfield, but not much. Here are some helpful tips:
  • Keep grass and other vegetation around the lagoon short
  • Remove any trees or bushes that get too close
  • Make sure both sunlight and wind reach the lagoon unobstructed
  • Don't use herbicides or other chemicals on nearby vegetation
  • Remove grass or vegetation clippings away from the lagoon
Following these maintenance steps will keep your lagoon in good shape by preventing organic overgrowth and maintaining bacterial balance.
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Staff 12/16/2022