Septic Tank Inspection for Home Buyers

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Home buying has seen an increase in the past few years. There are some potential buyers, however, who are a bit wary of purchasing a home with a septic system. While there are some misconceptions about septic systems, at Honey-Wagon we want to explain how this is actually a positive. Here are some ways buying a home with a septic system is an advantage and can benefit you.

More Cost-Effective

Yes, having a septic system can actually save you money! When you’re on municipal water and sewer, the city sends you a bill each month for your wastewater processing and water use. When you own a septic system, you don’t have to worry about this monthly bill.
The septic system relies on well water, meaning you process your own wastewater. This replenishes the groundwater around your home, which is a much more cost-effective method for you.

Peace of Mind Septic Inspection

You may worry that the septic system is a big unknown when purchasing a home. Previous owners could’ve neglected it, damaged it, or the system may need replacing in general due to wear and tear. The good news, though, is that a professional septic inspection can be performed before purchasing your new home.
Make sure to request a copy of any recent septic inspections and take the maintenance records into consideration before buying. You can even make the sale contingent on the septic system’s inspection for your own peace of mind.

Little Maintenance Required

Septic maintenance doesn’t require much effort. Though septic tank pumping is generally needed every three to five years, systems don’t require special additives or chemicals to function properly. Adding a bacteria product regularly will help keep the system in good working order, especially with all the antibacterial products we use nowadays.
Honey-Zyme and Endure are two bacteria products that are great for breaking down fats and oils from cooking, as well as from cosmetic, soaps, and skin care products. Contact us to order!

“Greener” Healthier Habits

Septic systems can help you adopt more eco-friendly habits in several ways. First, it makes you more considerate about what products you buy. For example, “flushable” wipes and harsh cleaning chemicals are harmful to septic systems and should never be flushed. By avoiding these products, you’ll prevent system damage and keep these items out of the environment.
Using septic-safe biodegradable products is good for your system and makes your home a little “greener” and friendlier to the ecosystem. Septic systems also require you to be more mindful of water consumption so you don’t overload the tank. Not only is water conservation beneficial for your system, but the environment too!

Septic Services for Kansas City Homes

Don’t let a septic system deter you from finding the home of your dreams. If anything, it can save you money, time, and energy while supporting eco-friendly behavior. Get a quality septic tank inspection with a trusted and experienced septic company with positive verified reviews to inspect and maintain your new home’s septic system.
Honey-Wagon has been providing septic pumping, cleaning, and maintenance services in the Kansas City Area for decades. Contact us today at (913) 681-3563 or (816) 525-5100 to get your septic service estimate!
Staff 5/10/2022