Pet Owner Tips to Avoid Septic System Problems

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Your pet is a beloved family member, however, they can lead to septic system problems if the rest of your family isn’t careful. By taking proper precautions, you’re less likely to experience a system failure or emergency. Simply follow Honey Wagon’s septic system tips for pet owners to avoid a disaster.

5 Things Pet Owners Should Never Have in Pipes

It’s crucial that pet owners be aware of what they can or can’t put in their pipes so they don’t end up with a septic system break. Here are five things pet owners should never flush or pour down the drain to help prevent septic systems problems from ruining your day.

1. Pet Waste

Disposing of your pet’s waste isn’t a fun task but don’t take a shortcut and flush it down the toilet. Water treatment facilities are designed to process human waste and aren’t capable of neutralizing hazardous parasites often found in animal feces. Parasites that can’t be treated will cycle back into the drinking water.

2. Pet Hair

Like human hair, try to keep pet hair from going down the drain. Although long human hair can clog drains, fine pet hair mats easily which also backs up the pipes. Any hair, human or pet, is a big no-no for plumbing!

3. Cat Litter

Don’t flush or pour down cat litter in drains, even if it’s labeled ‘biodegradable.’ Cat litter can’t break down in septic systems, causing wastewater backup and septic tank overload. The best way to dispose of used cat litter is to tightly seal it in a bag and put it in the trash.

4. Dry Kibble

Garbage disposals can’t handle hard substances — and dry kibble falls into that category. Additionally, the pellets will absorb liquid and expand when they go through pipes, creating a congealed mess. If you need to dispose of dry kibble, toss it in the trash.

5. “Flushable” Products

Just because a product is labeled “flushable” doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to do so, especially when you have a septic system. For example, flushable cleaning wipes aren’t water-soluble which is harmful to drains and septic tanks.

Protect Your Septic System

Following these pet owner tips isn’t just beneficial for the operation of your septic system, but it’s also good for your wallet because emergency repairs can be expensive. What it all boils down to is properly disposing of pet waste, hair, food, and products in the trash rather than your toilet or pipes. And remember, one of the smartest ways to take care of your septic system is with regular maintenance service.
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Staff 3/2/2021