The Don’ts of Septic System Maintenance

Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Proper septic system maintenance isn’t complicated, but it does require an understanding of best practices. Previously, we discussed the dos of septic maintenance. Now let’s take a look at what actions you should avoid for a healthy system.

7 Maintenance Don’ts for Septic Systems

When you take care of your septic system, it’ll take care of you too. Plus, regular maintenance is much less expensive than a system replacement! Here are seven septic maintenance don’ts to keep your system in tip-top condition:

Don't overload the tank and drainfield

Water is essential to life — and septic systems. In most households, each person wastes about 70 gallons of water per week. A single leak can cause a family to waste up to 200 gallons of water daily, putting pressure on local water supplies and drainfields.

Don't treat the toilet as a trash can

Toilets should never be flushed with anything other than wastewater. Paper towels, baby wipes, cotton swabs, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, medication, and other items can cause serious problems, such as clogging your pipes and causing sewage back-ups. Pet owners should also never flush pet waste, pet hair, cat litter, dry kibble, and cleaning wipes.

Don't pour grease and oil down drains

Grease is bad both for your drains and the environment. Dispose of grease properly instead of pouring it down the drain or garbage disposal. This is because grease gunks up the inside of the pipe and causes a blockage.

Don’t ignore warning signs

A distressed septic system gives a variety of warning signs. It’s crucial to investigate and fix the issue promptly so it doesn’t snowball into an expensive emergency. For example, gurgling sounds, slow draining/flushing, foul odors from pipes, and sewage backup are strong indicators that something is wrong with your system.

Don’t inspect the tank yourself

If you're experiencing septic problems, you should get a licensed service professional to check out your system. Inspecting the system yourself is not recommended because septic tanks contain extremely toxic fumes and chemicals. Hire a septic system inspector who knows how to handle these hazardous materials safely.

Don't plant trees near the septic system

Roots are huge problems for underground drainage systems and can be dangerous if they grow too close to your septic system. Keep roots away by planting trees away from the system at a safe distance.

Don't drain hot tubs into the septic tank

When installing a hot tub, make sure there’s adequate space between the hot tub and the septic system. In addition, hot tubs should be drained into an area that directs the flow away, not into the septic tank as it can cause damage.

Trust Your Septic Maintenance to the Experts

Septic maintenance is vital for avoiding problems — like clogs, leaks, and breaks — that disrupt your life. Give your system the best maintenance by partnering with trustworthy and experienced septic experts. Check out their maintenance offerings and online reviews so you can rest easy knowing that your septic system is in good hands.
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Staff 6/14/2022